vintage american summer dress / $12.50 (but free)

Free to me with trade at Buffalo Exchange.
Ties go over shoulders but I’m too ma-ture (muh-too-er) for that look.
So tied them all up at neck, instead.

A good dress.

posted 10 months ago


thrifted vintage black terry dress / $1.99

I’ve been putting this one on a lot.
It’s an easy dress.
Lightweight terry cloth.
Vintage union made in the USA.
Simple but has some subtle cool details.

Annnnnnd was $2.

posted 1 year ago


vintage outback red limited dress / $20

Stephanie Casey in Dallas on her style blog

The dress from the last Buffalo shop!
Late 80s / early 90’s vintage as Sandra informed me on Facebook.

I deboned the top.
It had three plastic rods that didn’t offer much in the way of bodice shape-keeping
and scrunched up & pinched me when I sat down.
Ripped those suckers out with a seam ripper.
They were sewn in, so took a minute, but once I figured out where they were stitched, it was quick.

Stephanie in vintage Limited dress from Buffalo Exchange Dallas

I call this photo session “Steph VS the rug”
(With an appearance by Jack Attack)
((As he often manages to do, these days))

posted 1 year ago


live shop / FEB6 


This is the “best of” from today’s live resale shop.
Check out the tried on goods and feedback over on FB.
Follow to be there for the next one.
Fun fun.

posted 1 year ago


thrifted photoshoot / $70-ish


Produced & Styled a fine art fashion shoot over the weekend.
(The images will be morphed and altered for the project).
Super fun to source the ladies’ clothes via thrift.
I bought tons of options, for 3 ladies, for a total of about $70.

The photographer wanted big poofy necks - sorta victorian, slightly gothic.
He and I picked out lots of vintage-looking lace tablecloths and curtains, together, at a thrift.
Then I thrifted the rest of the clothes with the fabrics we’d already purchased in mind.

Dallas photoshoot vintage styling

vintage thrifted photo shoot styling with Elizabeth Evans

Dallas actress Elizabeth Evans photo shoot

vintage thrifted styling Dallas

styled from thrift on Cynthia Santiago in Dallas

I got to cast people I was excited to work with.
The two ladies above are both actresses.
And the stylin’ and profilin’ chica below I used to work with at Neiman’s.
Everyone did such an awesome job.

Ashton Perley styled by Stephanie M. Casey in Dallas

Makeup on Ashton at photoshoot by Amber Lynn Downs

I wish I could do this type of thrift-sourced styling a whole lot more!
Kinda dreamy enjoyment for me.

Det Wes on the scene in a vintage brown suit at a photoshoot
Our fella brought his own suit but it was, indeed, vintage

Shoot Styling 100% resale.

posted 1 year ago


buffalo trip today. a live nubby dress decision.

01 dress

Are you hooked up with Those Tricks on Facebook?
Loving the live shopping experience with people
who happen to be sitting on Facebook
at the same time I’m in the dressing room.

Took a bag of trade into Buffalo Exchange today.
The place was lookin’ pretty festive.

02 dress

Was on the fence about this dress when trying on.

04 Judy Caliendo for Together dress tag

An interesting nubby dress for $10.
Hemline looks very “this year,” but the dress is vintage (judging by tag).

03 dress

And lookatthosesleeves. Pretty cool.
Also has two cute buttons in the back at the neck.
I ended up getting it after conferring with the facebook team.
Will do a fancier real-camera post so you can see it styled and the back when I wear.

posted 1 year ago


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