F21 floral tunic with killer sleeves / $4.50

A good buy.
Always get lots of compliments on this.
Maybe when it’s 100 degrees this summer I’ll get the courage to wear it as a saucy dress late one weekend night…maybe.


posted 1 year ago


Mossimo tunic thing / $4

‘Twas half off at Buffalo Exchange.
A good, easy item.
I like how it has textured stripes that do a cross cross thing in front but are uniform in back.

posted 1 year ago


thrifted hoodie / $1.99

we climb the stairs

Thrifted hoodie $1.99.
The cold is supposed to break tomorrow.

posted 1 year ago


thrifted vintage black terry dress / $1.99

I’ve been putting this one on a lot.
It’s an easy dress.
Lightweight terry cloth.
Vintage union made in the USA.
Simple but has some subtle cool details.

Annnnnnd was $2.

posted 1 year ago


H&M self zipping off-black tee / $5


This top is from the live shop at Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach
back in good old December.
It was half off, so $5 instead of $10.


Really comfy, a medium weight and a great off-black color.
Wore it unzipped this 75 degree January day.



Its special talent is the thing can zip into itself!
There are pics of it like that on the Those Tricks FB page if you scroll down quite a bit.


gif make

*The “messed up” photos are GLITCHED.
Loving glitching stuff up right now.
Reminiscent of VHS video gone bad.
Here is next level glitch GIF-ing called Datamosh.

posted 1 year ago


antonio melani tunic / $3.99




This is one of the pieces I almost didn’t try on from the thrift trip the other day.
Whew! That was a close one.

posted 1 year ago


mongrels in common dress / free

01 Mongrels from BUffalo

Friday I went to Buffalo Exchange to find a dress
for a Contemporary Ballet Dallas fundraiser that night.

Took a little bag of stuff and they bought it all, so I got this
beautiful, luxurious, light-weight velvet Mongrels In Common dress
with the trade balance.
aka FREE!

02 Mongrels in Common dress

Enjoyed a few demo ballet pieces…

03 Contemporary Ballet at Tower Club

…and the Dallas view.

05 Kayla poses with view

04 Kayla and I at Tower Club

Then checked out the new Dallas Performance Center.

06 Dallas Performance Center

Successful accompaniment, dress.

mongrels dress
On the Anthropology site and the Runway
Can’t imagine wearing it unbelted - it looks so different hanging off the flat-bodied model.

posted 2 years ago


yellow striped Chloe K top / $3.25

01 a shirt. a yellow shirt.

02 wings

I made a killing at Buffalo Exchange last week.
I turned in a bag of clothes and found 3 tops and an Armani Ex dress.
With the trade balance, I only had to pay $1.89 out of pocket.
So, even though this top was $7.50 AND marked half off for $3.25,
it really cost me about $.42.

04 look outside maybe

I love the soft colors, fabric texture and wings.

03 so soft and light

posted 2 years ago


feather accessory / $0

01 feather in hair

Last night Marianne stuck a feather in my hair.

06 stars and feathers pink

I had an up ‘do asking for it, I guess.

05 back of 'do

The feather came from a duck at White Rock Lake.
Found by a boy, given to Marianne, passed on to me.

02 duck feather

We are so used to seeing feathers - in real life and art.
Fashion, decor, floating down from a tree.
But when you take the time to really look at them, think about them -
the engineering and architecture is something else.

03 feather detail

04 close up feather

And birds just casually grow these things.

07 pedal's feather
This particular feather really brought out the wild cat in Pedal. Hunting eyes!

posted 2 years ago


8 records / $.50 each

01 record haul

I bought some records today.
Covers a bit beat up, but all records inside are in like-new condition.
“How much are your records, again?”
Ohhhh $.25 to $1. They get cheaper the more you buy.”

“I’ll take these.”

02a all the records02b all the records copy

Don’t really care about Xanadu, but seemed too good to not grab in mint.
The Peter Gabriel is my fave, so far.
Excellent record. Very.

Not giving away this secret spot, but if you live in Dallas and REALLY want to know,
send me a private message somewhere.

03 Eurythmics TOUCH on vinyl

posted 2 years ago


thrifted silk F21 party dress / $4.99

01 F21 dress

02 spinning fantasy

03 back is pretty

04 blurring out

Oooooooh a good Good GOOD find.
One of those that when picked up, I thought, “will this even fit on my body?”
It did.
I mean, it does.
It’s a comfy, floating, sexy little thing, no?

05 dress hanging in bathroom

The wrinkling is basically impossible to combat.
Steamed it in the bathroom, then took an iron to it.
The top will de-wrinkle, but the skirt just wrinkles back up again, so sticking with that.
It works.

06 on the town at the Stoneleigh

Have a good weekend.

posted 2 years ago


thrifted liz claiborne navy sweater top / $.99

01 liz navy top

02 thrifted liz claiborne

03b heels yah

03 thrifted liz claiborne

04 back of sweater top

Just a simple basic.
One dolla’.
I always feel frenchie when I have on all dark blue.
Goes nicely with the brown of these vintage heels.
Rarely do I wear a pony tail, but sometimes ‘tis necessary.
Summer. Bad hair days. Et Cetera.
Some ladies can really rock them, but tricky for me.
Will look good, then not good, [adjust], higher, lower, [wash hair], no more pony.

posted 2 years ago


thrifted LL bean navy anchor skirt / $2.50

01 wooden planks

02 LL Bean anchor skirt

03 thrifted LL bean navy skirt

Solid thrift find (even had the extra button, still!) but I think I will turn this skirt in at Buffalo Exhange.
Though it seemed like a perfect fit, it sits lower than I’d like.
I’m really into skirts/pants sitting at my high waist to accentuate curves.
Lower sitting waists tend to make me appear as a solid tube.
No good!

04 a porch

posted 2 years ago


thrifted lily skirt / $2.50

01 tank and lily skirt

02 stephanie casey in thrifted skirt

03 polka dots and floral

04 lily skirt times two

Polka dots and floral.
Flowy cotton.
At Thrift Town this day I bought $10+some change worth of merch.
A $5 coupon made everything half price (skirt was marked $4.99).
And you remember this tank I cut up from a tee, yes?

05 look at me

posted 2 years ago


thrifted F21 grey cotton skirt / $1.99

01 thrifted cotton skirt

02 thrifted grey F21 skirt

03 the skirt walks

04 grey F21 skirt

Basically the same cut as the other cotton tube skirt I recently acquired.
Turns out this style is perfect for…everything.
I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of them.
So good for summer.
The tshirt is also thrifted (buck or two, a while ago).

Last week I got the plants and flowers pictured for free!
A friend of a friend who works at a giant nursery was clearing stuff out.
We were literally told, “look around - take whatever you want!”
Dreamy. I filled my car.
Hopefully, I won’t kill them ALL.

posted 2 years ago


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