shasa polka dot dress / $8.50 (but FREE!)

Nice and breezy.

Didn’t realize until I was in the sun that the dots aren’t straight black but have a dot of blue in them!


Stephanie M. Casey in Dallas

Have a good weekend!

posted 1 year ago


love on the hanger top / $9.50


This was in a live shop recently.
I guess most things will be from now on
because I have so much freakin’ fun doing the live shop feeds.
$9.50 at Buffalo Exchange.
I’m sure I traded some stuff, so didn’t cost me that much direct.

The top is creme.
Love the thick band cuffs and hem.


Wearing with a tank under.
Will be cool in the summer with a skirt and bandeau when the HEAT comes.
Got a hint of that today with 85 degrees.


Also, I think I am succeeding with the bang grow out.
It usually doesn’t take.


Have a good week.

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zara dress tunic thing / $16

Stephanie Casey in Zara in Dallas

Came home to a fern on my porch this evening.
So sweet.
Thanks, Mom!

Did a quickie live shop at Buffalo yesterday for something to wear on camera today.
I wanted color and sleeves and did not have that in my closet.
With a $5 coupon, I chose this Zara top for $21 $16.
Looked great on camera, was comfortable and it’s cool.

Stephanie Casey is happy in Dallas

This is what I look like when I’m happy.
(and my boobs are squeezed together)
The sleeves of this thing were the big seller.

I mean, seriously.

really cool pinched sleeves on Zara dress tunic

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Ann Taylor sweater / $12

Actually, I can’t remember if it was $10 or $12,
but a good deal from my last Half of Half visit.

02 ann taylor

Brand new, no damage.
Feels like cashmere but is wool, rayon & nylon.
This combo doesn’t itch me, but is very warm.
Because I don’t have many sweaters I like.

Tying the tie funk-ily so it isn’t boring.

03 stephanie casey in dallas in ann taylor sweater from half of half

It’s meant to be tied right in front.

But that’s not so unique.
Making it my own and such.

04 scrunch boots

A good grey piece for my winter wardrobe, for sure.

05 sitting hmmm

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vintage nubby dress / $10

Remember the nubby dress from the live Buffalo Dallas shop?
Here it is in action.
It’s very lightweight, but quite warm.
Maybe the nubs have some wool in them.

posted 1 year ago


buffalo trip today. a live nubby dress decision.

01 dress

Are you hooked up with Those Tricks on Facebook?
Loving the live shopping experience with people
who happen to be sitting on Facebook
at the same time I’m in the dressing room.

Took a bag of trade into Buffalo Exchange today.
The place was lookin’ pretty festive.

02 dress

Was on the fence about this dress when trying on.

04 Judy Caliendo for Together dress tag

An interesting nubby dress for $10.
Hemline looks very “this year,” but the dress is vintage (judging by tag).

03 dress

And lookatthosesleeves. Pretty cool.
Also has two cute buttons in the back at the neck.
I ended up getting it after conferring with the facebook team.
Will do a fancier real-camera post so you can see it styled and the back when I wear.

posted 1 year ago


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