nyc visit in instagrams / such fun

When I travel, I don’t go to museums, see monuments or peek at tourist guides.
Connecting with locals is the way to live a place when you visit.
NYU was my university, so I lived in NYC in the 90s.
Would not want to permanently live here again, but OH! How I love to visit.
I am bowled over by how amazing my friends are.
I am humbled to be able to roll into the big city into such welcoming arms.
I am lucky to so joyously experience a place with such love and shared experience.
Here is some of what I’ve been up to the last 5 days…

01 high line bldg  02 keri on high line03 steph on high line  04 david on high line
The High Line in Chelsea is an old, abandoned railroad track that has been turned into a beautiful garden-ed walkway. Hopefully when they finish the park over Central Expwy in Dallas, it will feel something like this.

05 david with birthday beer  06 joshua and david laugh
My friend David, who lives in Dallas, happened to stop in NYC for a few days on his way home from Switzerland and Sweden. Laughing with him is a bestie, Joshua, who splits his time between NYC & Dallas.

07 keri getting on subway  08 subway pop locking
Of course, there was lots of subway riding. The kids on the right pop locking late at night is the kind of thing that makes New York so ALIVE all the time. Just one little tidbit of zillions that show the city’s 24/7 energy…

09 asparagus mousse  10 mushroom risotto
When in New York, you eat amazing food. This is asparagus mousse and mushroom risotto from french restaurant Gascogne. It was consumed alongside a lovely bottle of cold Sancerre.

11 NY Asian Film Fest  12 Running into Padgette
One night’s activities included the opening night of the NY Asian Film fest in Lincoln Center.
And whoa, whoa, WHOA! I randomly popped into a rice pudding shop in SOHO and there stood a former co-worker who was also visiting from Dallas. Geez! (meaning awesome serendipity)

13 Lincoln Center fountain  14 Midnight lovers loving
At Lincoln Center a romantic, hand-in-hand stop by the plaza fountain was a must.
Lovers coupling.

15 The Raines Law Room  16 Raines Law Drinks
From there it was a cab downtown to speakeasy The Raines Law Room.
A suited man pokes his head out, says it may be an hour (this at 1am).
"Um…no thanks…"
Which causes him to disappear and then return to usher us in.
So, every freaking town has places they call speakeasies with mixologists and such.
The only two I’ve been to that do it right are this place and Violet Hour in Chicago.
Very dark. Quiet. Cozy. Only as many allowed inside that can sit in the space.
Oh and unbeatable KILLER COCKTAILS.

17 Parisian Jazz at the Jalopy  18 Goodbye Brooklyn
Parisian jazz in Red Hook, a super fun meet up with B from STFUParents and a batch of her pals.

There was so much more…
But, friends, I am weary.
My feet are blistered, my shins ache, my throat sore.
I must finish packing.
Every item of clothing I brought must be washed immediately upon return.
I’m leaving behind a bucket of sweat, friends anyone would be lucky to call such
& taking home days of happy memories.
Laughter, love and good living.
See you soon with another thrifty post.

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marfa marfa marfa

01 IMG_0486.JPG

The last of the Marfa pics.
I have wanted to trip with a big group of friends like this my whole life.
Creatives, engineers, yogis, cocktail makers, chefs, pinata smashers and all around nice people.
Experiences like these are what life’s all about for me.
More! More! More!

02a IMG_0487.JPG02b teepee inside
Some of the dudes. And a lady.

03a IMG_0491.JPGweijia flop

Weijia cooked us an incredible meal Friday night at El Cosmico’s outdoor kitchen.
Pulled pork. Slaw (with apples!). Mustard and ketchup vinegars. S’mores cheesecake.
Check out her food blog : DINNER WITH WEIJIA
Kevin and Lydia brought extra spicy pepper vodka they marinated for a very, very long time.
Which we used in bloody mary’s at their Saturday morning tostada feast.
And another group cooked our Saturday supper.
We ate it all up.

04a gang eating weijia's dinner04b bloody mary

My contribution to the weekend was a gin / jalapeño / cucumber / lime cocktail.
Cut to an empty liter of gin (in your head, cause I don’t have a pic**).

**UPDATE! Weijia got a shot of my cocktail. With natural sun sparkles. Haha.
stephs gin cocktail

me and weijiaalbert photo bomb

On Friday, I had to sit in the lodge for a bunch of the day doing work.
But! Was lucky to puppysit this tiny doll, making the work part much more tolerable.

05a 522352_3794080055920_1394752642_33493950_1824098616_n-105b puppy aw06a IMG_0483.JPG06b IMG_0484.JPG

On Saturday night, our friend Scott DJ’ed at Planet Marfa.
A really neat bar.
And across the street was the Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour.
Old tvs with video installations and, yes, grilled cheese!

07 IMG_0506.JPG

Oh, and friends…the stars at night! are big and bright!

08 El Cosmico trailers at night
What a cool trip.

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prada marfa

What a wonderful weekend!
I’ve so many fun tales and neat pics from the desert of Marfa to share.
Will roll them out this week in a few separate posts.
There were teepees, trailers, outdoor dinners, hammocks, a sky of stars, puppies & many cocktails.

First, check out Prada Marfa.

Prada Marfa snap shots

Not a real store, but a 2005 art installation with 2005 Prada merch inside*.
The structure is sealed in bullet proof glass on an empty highway about a half hour west of Marfa.
Really cool.
And the lack of sound - complete silence - was something I had never experienced outdoors, ever.
Save for one or two vehicles that passed, there are no humans out here.
No distant humming of machinery/generators, no traffic, not even rustling of leaves or flowing water.

Prada Marfa with lights on
This is a shot someone else took at dawn or dusk when the lights are on.
Click through for more info.

See you again tomorrow or the next day for more Marfa!

*I was told that 3 days after the installation originally opened, it was broken into and all the merch was stolen. I guess they switched to bullet proof glass after that and one of the guys in our group said he’d read that when they restocked the installation, the purses’ bottoms were removed, to make them unappealing to thieves. There were a few bullet holes in the awning and glass when we were there and some covered up graffiti. So, I guess they maintain it somewhat regularly rather than let it get trashed “naturally” living out there all by itself. Definitely something to see!

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I’m in Marfa, TX for the weekend.
Staying in this sweet little pink trailer with my friend Lauren.

01 El Cosmico pink trailer

Vintage all the way.
Sparkly pink vinyl seating!

02 inside of trailer

This is my first Marfa trip and I love the vibe.
Less Texan, more New Mexican.

03 grey boots in marfa

04 flop

A bunch of friends are here for the weekend to pre-celebrate an upcoming wedding.
We all drove from various East Texas cities yesterday.
Instagrams of the trip, so far, below.

05 blizzard06 Texas ya'll08 beautiful west texas09 li'l pink trailer10 the kitchen11 from the bed12 checking out trailers13 teepee outside

Hope you have a delightful weekend!

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vintage black suede & leather dress / $14.50

01 vintage scoop back

A very good dress!

trying on the suede

Buffalo Exchange Long Beach.
There was a shop tag marked $110 attached.
Very soft and easy to wear.
I biked to the beach in it!
Score, right?

05 black suede and leather

06 lady bug friend

A ladybug was hanging around.
Probably wanted to join in on the red accenting.

02 toes in beach sand

03 red pink lips

I’m lucky to have the getaway to Long Beach available to me.
Belmont Shore is so beautiful. peaceful. quiet. mellow.
My brother lives there.
He still has the bad ass couch I passed on when I left Cali 5 years ago.
Every time I visit and sit/sleep on this marvelous couch, my brain calculates if it would be possible to get the couch back in my possession.
It’s deep. long. grey. seemingly unstainable.
And made by a local L.A. builder.
I bought it ten years ago at a local design boutique on 3rd Street (I think).
Couches are too much of a pain to move from place to place, sadly.
I’m glad this one is still in the family, at least.

on the beach

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brother hoodie / $free

01 cali time

03 DSC09051.JPG

02 old car 1
Had about a day and a half of colder-than-you-expect-in-Cali weather.
I was underprepared.
So, on Wednesday, grabbed a hoodie from my brother’s closet and belted that sucker up.

04 DSC09036.JPG

Also, the neighbors have a cool old Chevy.

05 DSC09019.JPG

And FYI the ratio of skateboards Long Beach:Dallas? About 40:1.

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long beach in instagram


Oh man was I craving that Peruvian ceviche up there.
El Rocoto.
Did not disappoint.

These are instagram photos.
It’s an iPhone app that is essentially twitter but a picture feed, rather than text.
Use it? My handle is “mos_steph”

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lace back & side tank / $4.50

lace back tank

Half off at Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach.

lace panel


It’s been a productive couple of days.
Cleared up a few things I was indecisive about.
Feels good.
Fresh environments generally stimulate me in a positive direction.
Or, at least, start the engines.

buffalo lace tank

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change of scenery / $80

photo 1photo 2photo 3!

American Air wing on the wing tip. Very nice.

On Saturday I got the notion to get the hell outta dodge for a few days.
And one two three four everything came together to get on a plane late Sunday night.
Ready for the palm trees?
Answer : YES.
See? We’re feeling better already.

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chicago [ a visit. a trip. an adventure. ]

chicago grafitti

A getaway.
I love to explore.
Especially with natives.
Had a fun long weekend in Chicago with Lisa.
When I visit a place I have little to no interest in tourist activities, recommended zagat restaurants
or the exhibit on rotation at the Met.
I want to go where the locals go, eat what the locals eat, and drink what the locals drink.

steph and lisa

lisa lights candles

connect four

Dean sent me these iphone shots :

angry bird cat toycat playing with angry bird

Petal was apparently doing ok without me, hanging with just the guys (3 males - 1 human, 1 dog, 1 cat).

Meanwhile, in Chicago…
A highlight of my visit was awesome The Violet Hour.

chicago violet hour bar

Prohibition era inspired, this dimly-lit, heavy-curtained cocktail lounge is identifiable only
by the unmarked purple wall on its exterior.

A Steph kind of place.

gin cocktails at the violet hour

curtains at the violet hour

violet hour house rules

hear! hear!

I have 3 new vintage dreeessssesss.
Also picked up a few goodies at the Buffalo Exchange.
Stay tuned for those in the coming weeks!

oh and p.s. just obtained ownership of the url for the new blog.
hoping to get that launched in the next few months!

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one last look

Belmont Shore

The last of the California dreams for ya.
I took all casual clothes, except for these heels and the belt.
This night my brother and I went out to dinner, so gussied it up a tad.
Ooooo a 100% resale outfit.
Heels and vintage dress thrifted, fave belt from Buffalo Exchange/Sherman Oaks.

Next week I’ll toss you a cool dress I got at Buffalo/LBC during this visit.
Can I go back this weekend?!?!?!
i think i can. i think i can. i think i can.

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it’s like they knew

awesome neon and grey tank

Knew just what my ideal summer tank top would be.
And then manufactured it. I didn’t even try it on.
Neon yellowwithahintofgreen and grey striped, softy soft cotton Delia’s tank
purchased at Buffalo Exchange/Long Beach for $12.

delia's tank top price tag from Buffalo Exchange

I wore it for 3 days straight.

neon yellow and grey tank from Delia

Threeee Daaaays Straaaaight.
(don’t worry - one washing in the middle)

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we got it on lock

H&M romper from Greece bike ride

The 7 years I lived in L.A. NEVER did me right like this.
My brother lives south of there in Long Beach - a completely different world.
Super chill. Gorgeous. Calm. Peaceful.
I didn’t want to leave.
I’m going to try and work out living there for a few years.

biking along the beach in Belmont Shore

The romper I bought at H&M in Athens was clearly made for bicycling in 70 degree, sunny weather.
Doesn’t it look happy?

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the last night

Greek Family Dinner
The last night on the island I got to go to Toni’s family house and eat a dinner rife with local, homemade fare.
Goat (sort of like less rich brisket - yum!). Mountain Greens. Greek Moonshine!
Uncle George conversation in Greek (translated to me) :
“How long is she staying?”
“Leaving tomorrow”
“Oh no! She’s too pale. She should stay two more weeks. We’ll find her a husband.”

crepe in Athens

Last meal in Athens.
Crepe with bacon, cheese, tomato, sauce* and chips**.
**Potato chips. Inside the crepe.

Then I went around the corner and there stood an H&M…

The Trip :
Zakynthos was everything you’d imagine a Greek or Italian or Spanish island to be.
My hosts were tip top making the experience authentic and complete.

Athens was a typical, western-hemisphere big city.
With some standout traits.
Lots of big dogs lying around. Chilling out. “The Peoples’ Dogs,” if you will.
These dogs are not hungry. Not skittish. They lounge in the sun on marble.
The city seemed clean to me. As if no one litters.
Just less dirty/grimy, in general.
Maybe they are mostly on natural gas?
Even the metro was super clean.
p.s. Greek folk like *mayonnaise.

After the holiday, it’ll be back to outfit posts with a few weeks of things I bought in Greece.
Hope you have a great long weekend…see ya Tuesday!

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gotta do it

stephanie casey at the acropolis in Athens

You’re there.
It’s the nearest ancient destination.

Athens Greece

Neat to experience, of course.
But something takes the magic away.

The Acropolis in Greece crawling with tourists
A touristo nightmare!!
“Snap Snap” “Group 21!” “kids hollering” etc.
Still cool, though.

Btw, this outfit is 100% resale!
The purse has been dying a slow death.
I left it in a garbage can at my last hotel in Athens.
It was the only way to avoid continually forcing it back to life with mending.
Abandonment on another continent.
I had to let it go.
It has been replaced with another black bag I bought at a (the?!) vintage store in Athens.
Coming soon to a blog post near you!

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