Alex Marie floral day dress / $10

01 Half of Half dress

If you didn’t listen up about Half of Half the last time I mentioned it,
maybe this dress will do the trick.

02 Alex Marie floral dress

What a beautiful, burst-of-color, daytime dress…yes?
Honestly - I am still in shock over this deal.
Brand new, no visible flaws.

03 Alex Marie day dress

The brand is from Dillard’s.
And, much to my surprise, the design and construction is as good
as any designer day dress I’ve ever bought.
Piping. Pleated at the neck. Pockets.
Maybe the fabric won’t hold up as well or somethin’.
Even the belt is substantial and not a cheap afterthought
(unlike most of the belts that came with those designer items).

04 A hand fan. Lucha Libre style.

What a great deal.
I feel fancy in this dress.
In a “ladies who lunch” kind of way.

05 pretty summer day dress

posted 1 year ago


thrifted silk F21 party dress / $4.99

01 F21 dress

02 spinning fantasy

03 back is pretty

04 blurring out

Oooooooh a good Good GOOD find.
One of those that when picked up, I thought, “will this even fit on my body?”
It did.
I mean, it does.
It’s a comfy, floating, sexy little thing, no?

05 dress hanging in bathroom

The wrinkling is basically impossible to combat.
Steamed it in the bathroom, then took an iron to it.
The top will de-wrinkle, but the skirt just wrinkles back up again, so sticking with that.
It works.

06 on the town at the Stoneleigh

Have a good weekend.

posted 1 year ago


thrifted F21 grey cotton skirt / $1.99

01 thrifted cotton skirt

02 thrifted grey F21 skirt

03 the skirt walks

04 grey F21 skirt

Basically the same cut as the other cotton tube skirt I recently acquired.
Turns out this style is perfect for…everything.
I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of them.
So good for summer.
The tshirt is also thrifted (buck or two, a while ago).

Last week I got the plants and flowers pictured for free!
A friend of a friend who works at a giant nursery was clearing stuff out.
We were literally told, “look around - take whatever you want!”
Dreamy. I filled my car.
Hopefully, I won’t kill them ALL.

posted 1 year ago


cotton on striped skirt / $4

01 Cotton On skirt CFTPA shirt

02 Cotton On skirt

I scooped up this perfect summer skirt last week.
Technically it was free because I traded in clothes, but was marked as $4.
Sweet deal.

03 Cotton On striped skirt

Navy/tan combo and stripe style reminds me of stuff from The Gap & Target in the early 90s.

04 dress form with xmas lights

Cotton On appears to be an Austrailian company and VERY reasonably priced.
There are a few shops in malls around Dallas, says their site.
May have to venture into the far reaches of North Dallas to check it out.


In Texas, if you aren’t wearing natural fibers June through September, you are sweating your ass off.
A comfy cotton skirt is a sure thing.
I’m really into the ease and style of this one.
Even put it on again the next morning :

stripes on stripes

This skirt will go with anything.

posted 1 year ago


arden b dress / $13

arden b dress from buffalo exchange

Gah, only $13, can you believe it?
Thanks again, Buffalo Exchange.
This flirtatious dress feels as good on as it looks.

arden b bustier top pf dress

pretty asian style pattern

vintage leather clutch

Belt and Bruno Magli heels thrifted.
Clutch from Feeling Vintage in Athens.
I thought I had blogged this purse, but can’t find the post!
Very soft leather. I busted the pop clasp/strap holder in the Madrid airport.
So now it’s a clutch.
It doesn’t mind.

instagram arden b

posted 1 year ago


F21 faux wrap navy knit dress / $6

01 navy F21 dress

On Monday I needed a bit of girlie steph time…a pedicure & trip to Buffalo Exchange was in order.
Convinced I had outgrown the Dallas Buffalo (styles seemed to be skewing too young or something,
I just wasn’t finding anything my last several visits)
, this trek proved me wrong.
5 reallllly good dresses for $77!!

Dress One here shown in my new backyard.

02 faux wrap dress

04 aw a flower

Can I tell you how thrilled I am to have outdoor space again?
Very much so!

03 back of dress

My cats are overjoyed, as well.

05 jack attack
Balls of continuous purr and love, they are.

posted 2 years ago


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