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Fun fun.

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a thrift trip…come along

01 650

If you missed yesterday’s “live” thrift posts…head on over and “LIKE” the
so you don’t miss the next one.

I feel like this post has been a looooong time coming.
Here’s how I go about thrifting to find the good, dirt cheap stuff I exhibit on this blog…

Rule 1 : Look through everything. All sizes. All racks.
A size 8 is smaller in the 90s, even smaller in the 80s, teeny in the 60s.
A size 4 is larger with this brand, differently cut with that brand.

As I’m scanning racks, I look for fabrics, colors, patterns that jump out at me.
I almost exclusively buy only natural fabrics - cotton, silk, blends.
If something catches my eye, I check price & tag.
If it still seems a viable possiblity, I check for flaws and judge if it may fit.
Then toss into my cart or tuck it back into the rack.

Here’s some of how yesterday’s trip went down :

02 300   03 300
I’m drawn to surfwear brands. Cali nostalgia.
This grey sweater is a good color, but don’t like that the stripes don’t continue on back and the V is too deep.

04 300   05 300
Love tattered silk, but this pink Arden B was too small when I tried it on.
The Façonnable on the right, however, did fit.
It was $5.99, which is high for a thrift shirt, BUT! these things retail in the range of $200.
Bought it!

06 500
This vintage sweater interested me (the buttons button!), but could tell it was way too big.
(Even though labeled a small)
Back into the rack.

07 500
This one I went back and forth with. Simple, too simple?
Put it back, pulled it out again.
Because it fit perfectly and will be great this winter over leggings + pants.
The neckline hung really cool, when I tried it on.

08 300   09 300
I always browse the skirt & pant sets.
Often, I find one of the pieces is fantastic, even if the other doesn’t fit.
The pant set on the right was goofy and prompted a look, but not a try on.

10 300   11 300
This one did warrant a try.
I can’t resist yellow, even though it looks hideous against my skin.
Very very well constructed, but just a touch too restrictive/tight when hugging my arms.
And I would likely never actually wear it.
Oh well.

12 300   13 300
This sweater looked kinda cute, but was too youthful and too…cropped.

14 500
This dress I also almost didn’t take in to try.
The satin on the shoulders and hem was thick and luxurious,
but the dress fabric sorta crepe-y.

15 500
Oh! But the way it closes in back.

16 610
Another perfect fit.
My fave find of the day, it turned out!
$3.99, ya’ll.

And for the last thrift tip of this post…a must.

17 610
Lot’s o’ dust in a big thrift shop trip.
I keep a bottle in my car door at all times.

Ask away…

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mongrels in common dress / free

01 Mongrels from BUffalo

Friday I went to Buffalo Exchange to find a dress
for a Contemporary Ballet Dallas fundraiser that night.

Took a little bag of stuff and they bought it all, so I got this
beautiful, luxurious, light-weight velvet Mongrels In Common dress
with the trade balance.
aka FREE!

02 Mongrels in Common dress

Enjoyed a few demo ballet pieces…

03 Contemporary Ballet at Tower Club

…and the Dallas view.

05 Kayla poses with view

04 Kayla and I at Tower Club

Then checked out the new Dallas Performance Center.

06 Dallas Performance Center

Successful accompaniment, dress.

mongrels dress
On the Anthropology site and the Runway
Can’t imagine wearing it unbelted - it looks so different hanging off the flat-bodied model.

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feather accessory / $0

01 feather in hair

Last night Marianne stuck a feather in my hair.

06 stars and feathers pink

I had an up ‘do asking for it, I guess.

05 back of 'do

The feather came from a duck at White Rock Lake.
Found by a boy, given to Marianne, passed on to me.

02 duck feather

We are so used to seeing feathers - in real life and art.
Fashion, decor, floating down from a tree.
But when you take the time to really look at them, think about them -
the engineering and architecture is something else.

03 feather detail

04 close up feather

And birds just casually grow these things.

07 pedal's feather
This particular feather really brought out the wild cat in Pedal. Hunting eyes!

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stripes on stripes

01 stripes outfit

02 stripes on stripes

You’ve seen this top and skirt before.
Both from Buffalo (I cut up the tank).
I was feeling stripey last night.

03 stripes and Jack Attack!!

And look! Jack the cat is almost all better.
A fluke illness that stumped the vets.
He went flat like a pancake.
Stopped eating, drinking & grooming.
Apparently fat cats will die in 3-4 days if they don’t eat as their liver fills with fat and BAM!
Dead of “fatty liver.”
So, he was on IV nutrition for two days (oy).
Then came home Friday night and I had to force feed him high protein food.
This was the same day I had my root canal,
so a “fun” Saturday followed of us sleeping all day together as we healed.
Luckily, the one night of force feeding was enough for him and he perked up some on Sunday.
I offered him many temptations such as steak, rotisserie chicken and Alaskan canned salmon.
VET : I don’t care what he eats, just get him to eat!
He chose to ease in with Whisker Lickin’s soft treats and Fancy Feast juice.

Rough patches like this are when I bemoan being single.
I could have really used the comfort of a loving other on Saturday for big hugs, hot tea making
and turning the Netflix off on my iPad when I fell asleep on hydrocodone.
Oh well.
All better now.

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thrifted silk F21 party dress / $4.99

01 F21 dress

02 spinning fantasy

03 back is pretty

04 blurring out

Oooooooh a good Good GOOD find.
One of those that when picked up, I thought, “will this even fit on my body?”
It did.
I mean, it does.
It’s a comfy, floating, sexy little thing, no?

05 dress hanging in bathroom

The wrinkling is basically impossible to combat.
Steamed it in the bathroom, then took an iron to it.
The top will de-wrinkle, but the skirt just wrinkles back up again, so sticking with that.
It works.

06 on the town at the Stoneleigh

Have a good weekend.

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