thrifted vintage givenchy pants / $4.99

Two Looks

When I found these vintage Givenchy’s, they were too small.
Dismayed in the dressing room, they were also too fantastic not to free from the thrift store ($5!).

vintage Givenchy Sport tag
"Givenchy" lined from waist to hem. Funny.

Behold The Pant

I put them on ebay at a high price (cause they’re amazing) but they did not sell.
My logic was if I couldn’t get top dollar, I would keep them,
hoping and praying I could fit into them eventually.
The day has come!

Happy Day The Pants Fit

Below is the before from April 2011. 10-15 lbs heavier.


I had to wear spanx and suck it in HARD for these photos.

Now I can just wear the pants. And still breathe and all.


Givenchy GG embroidered on vintage pants

What a pant!
Let’s give them a round of applause…

Instagram Pants

posted 2 years ago


matte black ray-bans / $48

ray ban 01

ray ban 02!

ray ban 03

Made one last trip to Last Call on Friday.
Picked up a handful of items including a new pair of shades for 2012.
“Made in Italy” RayBans for a little less than half off retail.

ray ban 04

Happy New Year!

posted 2 years ago


one two punch. then redemption.

Kors pants in elevator

Remember my sweet Michael Kors PPPs (perfect pair of pants)?
They were tested.

When getting out of my car to go into work: coffee spill.
Now, I always think this may happen as I make coffee & sip on the way to work, then take in with me.
It hadn’t.
Until I was wearing BRIGHT WHITE PANTS.

white pants grey shoes

Guess what?
That coffee just rollllled right off.
Then I dabbed with cold water in the bathroom.
And for extra measure, washed on delicate when I got home.
Don’t ever wash fancy pants that say dry clean only.

Those bad boys shrank right up.
But the lining stayed original length.

But this story has a happy ending.
My dry cleaner rescued me and was able to stretch them back to original condition.

The pants proved their strength and will to survive.
Thank God.
Cause I love them.

Kors on rooftop

have a great weekend.

p.s. Hey! I’ve lost 5 pounds on Weight Watchers, so far. Yippee!
Will do a post about the plan and what has worked for me at some point.

posted 2 years ago


victoria beckham rider pants / $35

beckham skinny riders

victoria beckham rider pants

beckham rider pants from bergdorf

Victoria Beckham and incoco nails

Oh boy do I love these rider pants from Victoria Beckham’s line.
Crazy interesting material.
High waisted, gut busting.
Zipper vents at back ankle.
Thigh panels?!??!!
What’s not to love?
I got half-off the lowest price up there.
I’ll be wearing these a lot.

rad rider pants

Almost 3 weeks on Weight Watchers.
Definitely making a difference and is pretty fun.

Life sending some sparks my way.
Things are shifting.
Movement is happening.
Which I, of course, mean metaphorically.

posted 2 years ago


is that your pants or are you just happy to see me

escada pant show

When I put these pants on last Friday, Dean said :
"ummm…[scared face] new pants?!"
These thrifted Escada’s ($2.99!!) are as hideous as they are wonderful.

Escada Bridal Print pants

I ended up not wearing the belt, but I think it looks cuter with, looking at the pics.

posted 2 years ago


molten metal

Cat eyes Black Dress Remember when I mentioned the sick Michael Kors dress I got?

Itsa Hot Black Dress

Kors dress fabric


black Michael Kors dress


Killer Kors

Such a hot dress.

Michael Kors dress labelprice tag

60% off mark down + employee discount = about $230.

posted 2 years ago


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