gone grey

01 A look

An after Thanksgiving day outfit.
Grey on grey on grey with grey boots.

02 Gone Grey

My fave clothing color from head to toe.

03 grey outfit

I can not BELIEVE I didn’t take a few small pieces of pie home from dinner last night.
There was so much left over…
I could be eating pie RIGHT NOW.
Sadly, I am not.
Good going, Steph.

posted 1 year ago


two-tone black leggings / $17

01 leggings

From Buffalo Exchange.
New merch, so higher priced than usual.
But look at them.

02 leggings

Really cool, simple design.

03 leggings

Great for the colder weather (should it ever arrive!).
Had to get them.

04 leggings

05 leggings

posted 1 year ago


stripes on stripes

01 stripes outfit

02 stripes on stripes

You’ve seen this top and skirt before.
Both from Buffalo (I cut up the tank).
I was feeling stripey last night.

03 stripes and Jack Attack!!

And look! Jack the cat is almost all better.
A fluke illness that stumped the vets.
He went flat like a pancake.
Stopped eating, drinking & grooming.
Apparently fat cats will die in 3-4 days if they don’t eat as their liver fills with fat and BAM!
Dead of “fatty liver.”
So, he was on IV nutrition for two days (oy).
Then came home Friday night and I had to force feed him high protein food.
This was the same day I had my root canal,
so a “fun” Saturday followed of us sleeping all day together as we healed.
Luckily, the one night of force feeding was enough for him and he perked up some on Sunday.
I offered him many temptations such as steak, rotisserie chicken and Alaskan canned salmon.
VET : I don’t care what he eats, just get him to eat!
He chose to ease in with Whisker Lickin’s soft treats and Fancy Feast juice.

Rough patches like this are when I bemoan being single.
I could have really used the comfort of a loving other on Saturday for big hugs, hot tea making
and turning the Netflix off on my iPad when I fell asleep on hydrocodone.
Oh well.
All better now.

posted 1 year ago


j crew skirt / $3.50

01 doorway

02 thrifted j crew skirt!

03 buttons on j crew skirt

04 j crew skirt

Thrifted on a day yellow tags were half off.
A simple basic throw on for summer.
I wouldn’t have paid $7, though, just so you know.

The outside of my house is being scraped and buffed for repainting right now.
Not so into the mess that process is making, but a fresh exterior will be nice.
Should get some nice texture shots out of it, too. Oooh, “edgy.”
Also, please notice the little rooster topping off the fence post up there “Cox Fence.”

posted 1 year ago


clothes i’ve had forever / $whoknows

As much as I like to rotate items in my closet, some stay until completely worn out.

01 gold dress

This golden dress, a Buffalo buy, repeatedly negotiates to keep its place and I’m glad for that.

03 gold dress and boots

I think the last time it was blogged was waaaaay back on the Mötley Crüe project.

jacket and dress

The jacket is another one I can’t get rid of.
It has some naturally occurring rips and added safety pins in lieu of lost buttons.
I have bought a few similar jackets in replacement attempts.
But guess what?
It’s not replaceable!
I got it at H&M or Top Shop in London or Amsterdam years ago.
Perfect light weight layer & a nice grey/purple that seems to compliment everything in my closet.
So, they stay.
And we all live happily ever after.

04 posing poser

posted 1 year ago


there’s a fence, see



I’ve been rolling the Marc pants up a little high-water-y.
These pants, like all the fancy pants I bought when working at NM, are a little big now.
Have gone from perfect fit to slouchy.
NOT the worst problem to have.


Restructured vintage MTV Spring Break tee from Buffalo Exchange (I tied back).


Let’s see…what else…
Really, actually (no, REALLY really) quit my “bad habit,” if you know what I mean.
Coincidentally met a good habit (potentially) for an easy transition.
Heading to Marfa this weekend with a big group for a pre-wedding bash in the artsy desert.
We are taking over El Cosmico.
Each airstream trailer will have a signature drink.
Mine involves gin and jalapeno.

posted 2 years ago


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