H&M self zipping off-black tee / $5


This top is from the live shop at Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach
back in good old December.
It was half off, so $5 instead of $10.


Really comfy, a medium weight and a great off-black color.
Wore it unzipped this 75 degree January day.



Its special talent is the thing can zip into itself!
There are pics of it like that on the Those Tricks FB page if you scroll down quite a bit.


gif make

*The “messed up” photos are GLITCHED.
Loving glitching stuff up right now.
Reminiscent of VHS video gone bad.
Here is next level glitch GIF-ing called Datamosh.

posted 1 year ago


two-tone black leggings / $17

01 leggings

From Buffalo Exchange.
New merch, so higher priced than usual.
But look at them.

02 leggings

Really cool, simple design.

03 leggings

Great for the colder weather (should it ever arrive!).
Had to get them.

04 leggings

05 leggings

posted 1 year ago


a coming home [ true story ]

01 coming home

02 putting on a record

03 needle record

04 jacket

05 down hall

06 take off boots

08 ring down

07 ipad

posted 2 years ago


feather accessory / $0

01 feather in hair

Last night Marianne stuck a feather in my hair.

06 stars and feathers pink

I had an up ‘do asking for it, I guess.

05 back of 'do

The feather came from a duck at White Rock Lake.
Found by a boy, given to Marianne, passed on to me.

02 duck feather

We are so used to seeing feathers - in real life and art.
Fashion, decor, floating down from a tree.
But when you take the time to really look at them, think about them -
the engineering and architecture is something else.

03 feather detail

04 close up feather

And birds just casually grow these things.

07 pedal's feather
This particular feather really brought out the wild cat in Pedal. Hunting eyes!

posted 2 years ago


thrifted LL bean navy anchor skirt / $2.50

01 wooden planks

02 LL Bean anchor skirt

03 thrifted LL bean navy skirt

Solid thrift find (even had the extra button, still!) but I think I will turn this skirt in at Buffalo Exhange.
Though it seemed like a perfect fit, it sits lower than I’d like.
I’m really into skirts/pants sitting at my high waist to accentuate curves.
Lower sitting waists tend to make me appear as a solid tube.
No good!

04 a porch

posted 2 years ago


thrifted vintage silk adrianna papéll skirt / $2.50

silk floral skirt

purple heels in grass

skirt in gazebo

floral skirt

If only it had pockets!
No pockets on pants/skirts/dresses is usually a deal breaker for me.
The piece has to be somethin’ else and dirt cheap to be granted exception.

posted 2 years ago


…and later

a study.

01 later

02 later

03 later

04 later

let’s all just roll with it.
shall we?

posted 2 years ago


thrifted moto style denim Gap jacket / $6

occupy moto jacket

I’d been looking out for a denim jacket for a while when I found this one several months ago.
Motorcycle style.
Accompanied by the other pair of boots purchased at DSW during Boot Quest ‘11.

Madden Girl grey motorcycle boots

I like these a lot and have been wearing them frequently.
Because the leather is distressed, cosmetic damage blends in.
Handy for fall/winter.
And, of course, are my beloved color: grey.

boots under one nation

we the people denim moto jacket

posted 2 years ago


pony express leggings / $20

Oh, #!!@#*%-ing Forever21 and your inexpensive yet sometimes extremely well-produced consumer fashion goods.

pony express

pony express 2

Yeah, these are lovable.
Nice weight waling for fall weather.

pony express legging detail

Pretty awesome leggings.
Shirt + belt/buffalo exchange
HR had a problem with this outfit. Oopsie!

Forever21 leggings

posted 2 years ago


memory issues

grey madewell skinny cords

Did you immediately think computer memory?
I’m talking human brain memory.
This entire summer I’ve forgotten about these awesome madewell skinny cords.
Maybe because it’s been 110° for months straight and corduroy just didn’t appeal.
"But, Steph - we are finely waled and very fine cotton!" -love, your pants

3-day weekend.

posted 3 years ago


walking the dog

Deep Ellum Dog Walk

I should do a whole series on morning dog walk outfits.
But that would KILL the whole time-crunch spontaneity fun of it.
People get away with almost anything.
It’s great.

house the dog

messy hair.
underwear optional.
whatever you wore yesterday.
back of Matruska shirt

Very early Matrushka.

Deep Ellum Graffiti shot by Cabana_Boy

posted 3 years ago



they call her mellow yellow

Randi at work said this looked like a karate belt.

karate yellow

It came with the dress I’m wearing in my icon.
Paired it up for a little yellow on yellow action here.
You probably recognize this dress because I wear it lots.
Always adds a little silky sunshine.
A goodie.


posted 3 years ago



H&M cotton summer dress

My other purchase from the H&M in Athens.

H&M dress tag

I opted for size large (more flowy fabric) but should have probably gotten medium.
No big at $15.
Such lightweight cotton always draws me in.
An especially handy fabric for stylin’ and profilin’ in the hot hot Dallas summer heat.

H&M cotton dress fabric

Do you have to ban certain fabrics during the summer months where you live?
For me : Alllllmost everything but cottons and silks get kiboshed and my hems go up up up.

posted 3 years ago


jane his wife

awesome thrifted high heel

These shoes.
$9.99 thrift w. a $5 coupon = $5.
So comfy. I mean…unbelievably comfortable.
They add some sass & sauce to pretty much every dress, jean and skirt in my closet.
The brand is Michelle D.
Really cheap on ebay, etc. so I’m guessing a Kmart/Ross/Target brand or something like that…??

They pretty much kick all my other heels’ azzes at the moment.

hot red high heels from thrift store

But wait……………………..there’s more!

Jane Jetson dress

I LOVE this dress.

F21 XXI tag with Buffalo Exchange tag

Forever21 (seriously I would rather type that than XXI - ew) dress
from Buffalo Exchange : $9 (“free” with trade credit!).

It’s kinda this dress, but way better cut and with actual design.
Hello Jetson’s sleeves!

cool dress sleeve


Jetsons dress

Crossbody bag also thrifted making outfit 100& Resale!

posted 3 years ago


robert, you romantic!

Robert Rodriguez silk skirt with white flower applique

Robert Rodriguez silk skirt thrifted for $5.99.

Robert Rodriquez skirt tag with thrift tag

100% delicate, vintage-style silk.
Even the lining!
Love how the edges are hemmed/sealed :

hem on fine silk skirt

And a pretty li’l applique.

vintage inspired Robert Rodriquez silk skirt on those tricks

O’ Robert…you romantic, you!!

Jumping kitty cats by Sharon Montrose.
Possibly the most fantastic animal photos I’ve seen…

posted 3 years ago


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