october 2012 in Dallas

Select snaps from the past month of my activities in Dallas!
Hope you had a good month…

01 oct    02 oct
various art shows…

03 oct    04 oct
05 oct    06 oct
Texas State Fair! I won a squid hat.
The Chinese lantern festival was beautiful.

07 0ct    08 oct
But Big Tex burned down the last weekend of the Fair. Crazy! He was 60.
Luckily, there were cheerleaders homecoming it up in a parade down my street.
Helped with the mourning.

09 oct    10 oct
White Rock Lake artist home tours.
The amazing AURORA exhibit in the Arts District.

11 oct    12 oct
13 oct    14 oct
Every week I hosted a friends & family debate watch gathering.
Then early voted. Participating in federal elections makes me, literally, weep with pride & joy.
(Did you vote, yet??!!)

15 oct    16 oct
There are always cocktails intermingled in these activities, of course.

17 oct    18 oct
Vegan/Veggie celebration! A park packed with people trying grub, products, music.
Those are vegan sorbet cookie cakes.

19 oct    20 oct
This past weekend a fab new park opened downtown.
Wonderful wonderful wonderful green park bridging two sides of town.
There were activities every day & night and all the museums were free.
Saturday night ended with a packed concert…

21 oct

…at the end of which Fireworks went off all around us downtown.

22 oct

WOW! What a great month in this city.
It just keeps getting better and better around here.
Now for November…

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stuff. and things.

Someone I know in Cali recently commented to me that seeing all the cultural pics I’ve been posting lately
makes them think there might be something worthwhile in Texas.
Texas is worthwhile!
Some activities from my past few weeks :

01    02
My friend Sara makes an impromptu art piece at her friend’s gallery open.
An incredible, moving metal wave sculpture at the Meadows museum at SMU.

05    06
I was at SMU for a little photo shoot action.
On the right is a Chihuly sculpture at the Arboretum.
Really cool at night - beer, wine and lush grounds with city & lake views
as you walk around checking out the colorful, glass scultpures.

03    04
Totally accidentally ended up at Bingo night at a favorite dive bar.
A few weeks in a row.
I’m a winner. The prizes are silly toys and drinks!

07    08
The State Fair of Texas has a showstopping chinese lantern exhibit this year.
I can’t wait to see it at night.
Pictured are tons of large scale lanterns in and around the lagoon and a cherry tree forest.

09    10
Esteemed chef Luscher serving up his gourmet, hand-made ($5!) sausages at the White Rock Farmer’s Market. And…sometimes you need to bike for a cone of gelato.
Rocky Road, Pumpkin Pie and Banana Cream Pie flavors

11 OMNI    12
For the opening night of the Dallas Video Fest,
a bunch of artists made work to broadcast on our vegas-style, full-building-of-moving-lights OMNI hotel.
Accompanying music was broadcast on a local radio station.
We headed up to the levee with a battery-powered radio to enjoy.

15    16
Checked out a new hotel, the NYLO.
Insane views, infinity pool, rooftop bar and generally amazing decor throughout.


p.s. If you wanna stay in touch more regularly, these days I’m really into promotion of healthy, fresh, affordable food and am active on the daily @ the facebook page for my healthy foodie blog : CLICK ME

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mongrels in common dress / free

01 Mongrels from BUffalo

Friday I went to Buffalo Exchange to find a dress
for a Contemporary Ballet Dallas fundraiser that night.

Took a little bag of stuff and they bought it all, so I got this
beautiful, luxurious, light-weight velvet Mongrels In Common dress
with the trade balance.
aka FREE!

02 Mongrels in Common dress

Enjoyed a few demo ballet pieces…

03 Contemporary Ballet at Tower Club

…and the Dallas view.

05 Kayla poses with view

04 Kayla and I at Tower Club

Then checked out the new Dallas Performance Center.

06 Dallas Performance Center

Successful accompaniment, dress.

mongrels dress
On the Anthropology site and the Runway
Can’t imagine wearing it unbelted - it looks so different hanging off the flat-bodied model.

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aug 13 2012

Ahhhhh Here’s a catch up.
Cause I got nothin’ in the way of thrifty outfits for ya for at least a few days.
Not because of lack of sweet deals.
More because I haven’t had the time/motivation to take photos outside of my iPhone.
So, here’re some bits of life from last week.

IMG_1138.JPG  IMG_1137.JPG
TUESDAY : I won part of an American Airlines scavenger hunt.
Claimed this model plane and 5000 miles!

IMG_1144.JPG  IMG_1145.JPG
WEDNESDAY : 4:30 am wake up. Video shoot.

IMG_1161.JPG  IMG_1134.JPG
THURSDAY : Have been listening to these a lot.
Love that the Katy Perry vinyl is white. Perfect.

IMG_1186.JPG  IMG_1197.JPG
FRIDAY : A play reading at a theater in Fair Park + a drink after.

IMG_1160.JPG  IMG_1203.JPG
SATURDAY : Jellies + evening dancing to Soul 45s.

I feel like I don’t have much going on.
Then put one of these posts together and realize I have awesome people in my life and get to do a lot of cool stuff!
Dear Steph : Cheer up! Signed, steph

Have a good week.
See ya soon.

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sway chic tank & ring / $10each

01 Sway Chic tank

02 tank top tied

03 mouth of skeleton AGAIN

04 tank top sitting

05 zee Claw ring

I’ve never accepted comped merch for the blog until Sway Chic contacted me.
A California online store with several brick & mortar shops, they have stuff I actually like at a great price point!
Thrilled with the 3 items I chose from their site.
This striped tank and claw ring are two of them.
They have exactly three of the tanks left, so hit up the site asap, if interested.
I tied up the tank, as I have a tendency to do (I’m wearing size small).
Soft, thin rayon is good for summer.
The tossed together stripes pattern thrills.
I am MADLY in love with the other top I received.
Planning on wearing and photographing it in NYC this week, where I will be until Monday.
Get ready for some side boob…to celebrate America, of course!
Happy 4th of July weekend!

happy 4th

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what is up

Probably not gonna get to a thrifty item post this week.
But, don’t worry, I’m still resale-buying and thrifting a plenty.
Just yesterday I was at Thrift Town and Berry Good Buys in Ft Worth.
Here’s a little “what’s been goin’ on” post to tide us over…

010203040506 clouds on bike path070809101112131415161718

First, the bad news :
•I lost a lover that I really loved lovin’ on (sigh).
•Had to block someone on twitter. Only the second person ever.
You really have to be a class A asshole for that to happen.
Both these events were emotionally disturbing to me.

But, let’s move on.

The good, in instagrams, from top to bottom :
•Rose wine is making a comeback. It’s coming at me everywhere.
•Summer is here. Pool time. Bike rides.
•Lots of friends and quality time at the FOE.
•The Flaming Lips @ KXT’s Summer Cut. Their stage set is so fun.
•Cherries are back in season. One of my favorite things to eat.
•A beautiful light bulb at the Texas Theater.
•Went out to Cow Town aka Ft Worth yesterday to hang with a couple of super cool ladies.
•And there was a full size orchestral Marimba.
Of course.

I am having possibly the best time in my life right now. Consistently.
Even with “the bad,” it’s still so much good.
I’d give credit to Dallas, but I’m pretty sure it’s me.
"Wherever you go, there you are."
Though, Dallas is much easier and more affordable than New York, Los Angeles and Portland.
So many great friends here, new and old, and such fun going on all the time.
I am grateful.

See you next week!

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