a thrift trip…come along

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I feel like this post has been a looooong time coming.
Here’s how I go about thrifting to find the good, dirt cheap stuff I exhibit on this blog…

Rule 1 : Look through everything. All sizes. All racks.
A size 8 is smaller in the 90s, even smaller in the 80s, teeny in the 60s.
A size 4 is larger with this brand, differently cut with that brand.

As I’m scanning racks, I look for fabrics, colors, patterns that jump out at me.
I almost exclusively buy only natural fabrics - cotton, silk, blends.
If something catches my eye, I check price & tag.
If it still seems a viable possiblity, I check for flaws and judge if it may fit.
Then toss into my cart or tuck it back into the rack.

Here’s some of how yesterday’s trip went down :

02 300   03 300
I’m drawn to surfwear brands. Cali nostalgia.
This grey sweater is a good color, but don’t like that the stripes don’t continue on back and the V is too deep.

04 300   05 300
Love tattered silk, but this pink Arden B was too small when I tried it on.
The Façonnable on the right, however, did fit.
It was $5.99, which is high for a thrift shirt, BUT! these things retail in the range of $200.
Bought it!

06 500
This vintage sweater interested me (the buttons button!), but could tell it was way too big.
(Even though labeled a small)
Back into the rack.

07 500
This one I went back and forth with. Simple, too simple?
Put it back, pulled it out again.
Because it fit perfectly and will be great this winter over leggings + pants.
The neckline hung really cool, when I tried it on.

08 300   09 300
I always browse the skirt & pant sets.
Often, I find one of the pieces is fantastic, even if the other doesn’t fit.
The pant set on the right was goofy and prompted a look, but not a try on.

10 300   11 300
This one did warrant a try.
I can’t resist yellow, even though it looks hideous against my skin.
Very very well constructed, but just a touch too restrictive/tight when hugging my arms.
And I would likely never actually wear it.
Oh well.

12 300   13 300
This sweater looked kinda cute, but was too youthful and too…cropped.

14 500
This dress I also almost didn’t take in to try.
The satin on the shoulders and hem was thick and luxurious,
but the dress fabric sorta crepe-y.

15 500
Oh! But the way it closes in back.

16 610
Another perfect fit.
My fave find of the day, it turned out!
$3.99, ya’ll.

And for the last thrift tip of this post…a must.

17 610
Lot’s o’ dust in a big thrift shop trip.
I keep a bottle in my car door at all times.

Ask away…

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