oh hiya

I’m always surprised when I glance at this blog’s analytics and see it still gets visitors.

Taking photos of myself became uninteresting.
Don’t know if I’ll pick it up again.
I definitely still shop resale and find some awesome items.
Just last week I thrifted a ridiculous vintage cotton jumpsuit for $2.99.
But, you’ll have to use your imagination. ;)

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posted 7 months ago


vintage american summer dress / $12.50 (but free)

Free to me with trade at Buffalo Exchange.
Ties go over shoulders but I’m too ma-ture (muh-too-er) for that look.
So tied them all up at neck, instead.

A good dress.

posted 10 months ago


silk Mother of Pearl romper / $11.50


Half off on sale, from $23, at Buffalo.
OH BOY! This got major hateration during the FB live shop.
“You will regret this purchase.” “A mistake!”

live shop shot. It’s weak, I guess I understand the hate. ;)

I’m really glad I got it.
There will be ample opportunity to wear it this summer.
Inaugural wear was to the symphony for a “Tom Petty” show.
What a trip the night was.

A guy I hadn’t seen in years posted on Facebook that he had an extra ticket.
I’m bored of typical gatherings at the moment, so the random “adult” activity appealed.
He was given the tix and they were good - center floor.


Let me back up…I’m wearing the silk romper, my buddy is a tall, big guy with Jesus hair.
We did not blend in with the crowd.


So! The concert. One would expect orchestral versions of Tom Petty. But, no. Instead it was a crappy Tom Petty cover band (dude who looked and sang like Petty with band playing perfect renditions of the hits) backed by the orchestra. Which would be nice, except we couldn’t hear the orchestra! What a waste. Like, why have a lead guitarist and keys when you have a FREAKING PRO ORCHESTRA to play around with the arrangement + performance.

Intermission lead to getting in trouble for sneaking into seats where we figured we might be able to hear the orchestra. Which led to management who ended up seating us in the coolest fucking seats in the house. The fancy cushioned couch seats behind the stage, facing out to the entire hall (scroll back up to see reverse of area).


We literally led the whole place in a swave during Free Falling.
The conductor giggled and smiled at us.
People came up to us after outside. Such a fun rush.

The silk romper went quite well with this adventure.
What a fun night.



posted 11 months ago


F21 floral tunic with killer sleeves / $4.50

A good buy.
Always get lots of compliments on this.
Maybe when it’s 100 degrees this summer I’ll get the courage to wear it as a saucy dress late one weekend night…maybe.


posted 1 year ago


Mossimo tunic thing / $4

‘Twas half off at Buffalo Exchange.
A good, easy item.
I like how it has textured stripes that do a cross cross thing in front but are uniform in back.

posted 1 year ago


thrift sequins

Did a quick thrift trip today.
Planned to live shop, but didn’t find much and what I tried was meh.
I always pull some vintage sequins for sport, though.
This one was a beauty.

I might have gotten it at $12.99 if the top part wasn’t way too big.
Crazy amazing beading detail.
Close up shot over on facebook.

posted 1 year ago


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